MultiRoute EAR30 Regional Services
MultiRoute EAR30
The latest generation of high-performance steer and trailer tyre for national and regional operations.
  • LONGEVITY Excellent life span on well paved road surfaces.
  • SAFETY Great stability for all axle positions applications.
  • CONTROL Good wet and dry maneuverability, especially with repeated braking or accelerating traffc conditions
    The optimized pattern design improves both dry and wet handling in changing regional traffc conditions.
    The high, rigid belt structure enhances driving stability.
    The enhanced tread formula ensures long tread life and excellent cut or chip resistance.
    Size LI/SS Tread Depth M+S Label
    mm 32nds
    205/75R17.5 124/122M 13 16 C C 73dB B show label
    215/75R17.5 135/133L 12.5 15 C C 73dB B show label
    235/75R17.5 143/141L 13 16 C C 73dB B show label
    245/70R19.5 144/142J 13 16 C C 73dB B show label
    265/70R19.5 143/141J 13.5 17 C C 73dB B show label
    285/70R19.5 150/148K 14 17 C C 73dB B show label